Working Modes

Clockwise Continuous Rotation (CW)
Counter Clockwise Continuous Rotation (CCW)
Reciprocation Movement (REC)

First-in-class cordless open motor with adjustable angles of rotation ranging form 30o to 370 o for reciprocation as per user's need.

First-in-class feature of speed adjustment in reciprocation mode.

Adaptive Torque Control (ATC)

ATC manages the file stress in a smart way. When torque limit is reached. Instead of goin into reverse mode, motor reciprocates till the stress is reduced. Once back to below pre-set torque level, file will again rotate in continuous rotation.

Apex Locator

Can be used as Integrated with motor function or as a standalone apex locator

Position of file is displayed on the screen and the motor rotates in reverse direction when file reaches pre-set apical working length, to prevent over instrumentation.
Manual file clip can be used to measure canals precisely with hand files
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